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Was the Bible put together arbitrarily, like many of its critics claim?


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Dave: How did the Bible get put together?

Jeff: Critics will say books were arbitrarily put into the Bible hundreds of years
after they were written…

Dave: And that a council of religious people voted on what to include.

Jeff: Let me say this slowly: That’s. Not. True.

Dave: At least not for the Protestant Bible. We humans don’t decide what is

Jeff: Right. This is the bottom line: whatever God inspired is scripture. Whatever
God did not inspire…

Dave: Is not Scripture.

Jeff: It’s really that simple. The only question is, “Did God inspire this particular
writing or not?”

Dave: So we discover what is Scripture, not decide.

Jeff: Just because a book was old, or religious, or true doesn’t make it Scripture. It
had to come from a prophet who was confirmed by miracles and be accepted by
the whole community of God’s people!

Dave: The 60-second summary is simple: we discovered Scripture, we didn’t

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