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How was scripture “discovered”? And what is the criteria used in that discovery?


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Dave: In the last Truth Shot we discussed that the Church didn’t decide what
books were Scripture.

Jeff: We discovered what writings were actually from God – those were always

Dave: But, how do we discover?

Jeff: There’s not a rule book, it just takes some common sense.

Dave: Obviously not just anyone can write something considered “Scripture” –

Jeff: Right. For something to be scripture it has to be from a Prophet.

Dave: That’s the first criteria…

Jeff: Yeah, and shouldn’t that be obvious? In addition, the prophet has to have
been confirmed by miracles in some way so that we know they were a prophet.

Dave: Well, that makes too much sense.

Jeff: Now remember – anything inspired by God is scripture – but another way we
try to figure out what is from God is by asking: “Do God’s people accept it?”

Dave: We all have the Holy Spirit, so if all Christians for thousands of years accept
a writing…

Jeff: It would seem as though it’s probably Scripture. Those are just a few ways we
recognize Scripture.

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