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Which view is right? Calvinism? Arminianism? The answer may intrigue you!


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Dave: The most epic internal Christian debate… Who is right – Calvinists or
Arminians? Predestination and free will…

Jeff: I’m not going to answer that.

Dave: But… I wanna know…

Jeff: Here’s what I will tell you – Jacob Arminius lived just a few years after John
Calvin, and did you know that Arminius LOVED Calvin’s writings?!

Dave: The way most people talk, these guys should’ve faced each other in mortal

Jeff: The reality is that Arminius actually said this: “Next to the perusal of the
Scriptures… I exhort my pupils to peruse CALVIN’S commentaries… [Calvin] excels
beyond comparison in the interpretation of Scripture, and that his commentaries
ought to be more highly valued than all that is handed down to us by [previous

Dave: That’s a serious compliment.

Jeff: You think that’s good? Later Arminius says that Calvin had an eminent gift of

Dave: In other words, though there is difference of opinion we should be able to
have some serious mutual respect for each other.

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