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What’s the truth behind Charles Darwin’s Deathbed Confession?


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Dave: Christians have taught that Darwin converted on his deathbed, rejecting
evolution and confessing Jesus! Is this a powerful argument or…

Jeff: It’s ridiculous, Dave.

Dave: I didn’t even finish my sentence.

Jeff: Let’s assume that Darwin did convert on his deathbed. Does that mean all his
scientific work was wrong?

Dave: Can I say something here?

Jeff: No, it doesn’t mean that – someone’s logical work doesn’t depend on them
believing it all the way to their death.

Dave: That’s a good point, because…

Jeff: Even Judas betrayed Jesus. But we still believe in Jesus.

Dave: What about…

Jeff: Furthermore, the evidence actually suggests Darwin did not recant his
teaching in Evolution.

Dave: In fact, his daughter Henrietta said he didn’t recant of his scientific views,
even on his deathbed.

Jeff: It’s about time you contributed here, Dave.

Dave: Jeff, that’s just…

Jeff: So, Christians, if you want to argue against evolution please use the facts and
only the facts.

Dave: uh.. bye.

Jeff: Seriously?

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