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What did D.L. Moody do that made his Christian walk so dynamic? Could we do the same things?


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Dave: We’ve been discussing Dwight L. Moody, and the article Torrey wrote
called, “Why God Used D.L. Moody”

Jeff: The first reason was complete surrender. But the second reason was PRAYER.

Dave: Torrey said, ” He was a man who met every difficulty that stood in his way —
by prayer. Everything he undertook was backed up by prayer, and in everything, his
ultimate dependence was upon God.”

Jeff: No matter the problem or goal he wanted to achieve – the fact that he was
surrendered to God brought him back to prayer.

Dave: The third piece is that he was a POWERFUL student of the Bible.

Jeff: Right – he wanted to know God. So much so, that he would get up at 4:00am to
study the Scriptures!

Dave: Paraphrased, Torrey says, “You may talk about power but if you neglect the one
Book where God gives his power you will not have it.”

Jeff: In addition, Moody had humility! If you’d like to read the article we’ve been
discussing we’ve linked to it on our website.


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