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Who was D.L. Moody, and why was he used by God so effectively?


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Dave: A very famous preacher named Torrey gave a message, about a friend of his,
called, “Why God Used D.L. Moody.”

Jeff: It was a power message because D.L. Moody was one of the greatest men of God
we know of – he lived in the 1800s. Lookup information about this guy.

Dave: Torrey, in his message, gives 7 reasons why Moody was one of the greats – and He
starts by saying that he wasn’t very powerful.

Jeff: Right. He wasn’t powerful, but God was. And Dwight Moody was completely
surrendered to God. That’s the main point.

Dave: Moody once told Torrey, “If I believed that God wanted me to jump out of that
window, I would jump.” And he was completely serious.

Jeff: In the early days of Moody’s ministry someone said: “It remains to be seen what
God will do with a man who gives himself up wholly to Him.” Mr. Moody replied, “Well,
I will be that man.” Complete surrender. What could God do if you completely

Dave: More on this in the next Truth Shot

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