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More proof for God? Jeff and Dave discuss the Vertical Cosmological Argument.


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Dave: Let’s prove God exists, okay?

Jeff: Okay… we can give evidence that God exists, how about that kind of proof?

Dave: HIT ME!

Jeff: This is called the vertical cosmological argument. It says this: #1 – Everything in the
universe is dependent upon something else

Dave: #2 – If everything is dependent, then the whole universe together is dependent.

Jeff: So the conclusion is: Therefore, the whole universe is dependent on some
independent Being beyond the universe for its current existence.

Dave: Sounds good, we’ll see you next…

Jeff: Can I explain that?

Dave: oh

Jeff: Dave you need what to live?

Dave: water… and rock & roll

Jeff: alright, water. Trees need sunlight. Cars need.

Dave: fuel. EVERYTHING needs SOMETHING besides itself for existence. Everything is
dependent all the time.

Jeff: Bingo. So our whole universe must be dependent upon something, outside of itself

Dave: like painting every wall in a room GREEN. The room itself would be GREEN.

Jeff: Right. And everything, even on the molecular level, is dependent. Our universe
cannot exist without something sustaining it. That would be … God.

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