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Does Genetics disprove the story of Adam and Eve? What’s with humanity’s Genetic Diversity?


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Dave: Christians contend that God created Adam and Eve – and that all other humans came from those two.

Jeff: But some have challenged that idea. They say that because of the genetic diversity we see in homo sapiens, humanity had to of come from a group – probably a couple thousand people.

Dave: And this doesn’t mean, “Wow, we’ve got four different hair colors, we couldn’t have come from just two people!”

Jeff: No. It’s the science of our cells – DNA sequencing.

Dave: So what’s the deal? Did we come from two people, or a thousand?

Jeff: Dr. Fuz Rana at has made a point that I love – “when we claim, based on DNA, that we couldn’t have come from just 2 ppl – we are assuming that God made Adam and Eve genetically identical.

Dave: Ah! But he didn’t necessarily do that.

Jeff: There’s no reason to believe he did that.

Dave: So practically speaking, the first humans could’ve looked like an interracial couple.

Jeff: Did that just blow your mind? It actually makes sense that God would create with genetic diversity.


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