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What evidence exists for an actual Adam and Eve?


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Dave: Was Adam – the first human being whom God created – a real person, or just part of a story?
Jeff: I believe Adam was a real person, both for Biblical reasons and because of the archeological evidence. It’s important to notice how closely related the Bible’s description of our origins are with the evidence.
Dave: For instance, archological and scientific evidence suggest humans originated around Ethiopia about 200,000 years ago.
Jeff: And in Genesis 2, it’s talking about land in the general area where humans came about – it says one of the rivers “winds through the entire land of Cush.”
Dave: So the Bible says the area was near Cush, not Ethopia?
Jeff: Cush is the Hebrew word for Ethiopia – it’s the same thing!
Dave: Scientists have only discovered in the last decade that our human origins were there..
Jeff: But apparently, the writers of the Bible knew THOUSANDS of years ago … the evidence suggests that the book of Genesis is not merely a story.

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