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Does God’s lack of lust and envy disprove His existence?


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Jeff: We have arguments to prove God’s existence – but atheists have their own arguments.
Dave: One was developed by Michael Martin. It says (1) If God exists, God has not had the feelings of lust or envy.
Jeff: (2) If God exists, God exists as a being who knows at least everything man knows.
Dave: (3) If God exists as a being who knows at least everything man knows, God knows lust and envy.
Jeff: (4) If God knows lust and envy, God has had the feelings of lust and envy.
Dave: then he goes on to say if we claim God doesn’t have feelings of lust, he must not exist.
Jeff: This argument doesn’t work because he changes his terms, for one reason. God does know everything man knows – but that doesn’t mean God has experienced everything a sinful person has.
Dave: So God knows of lust, but he has not lusted.
Jeff: Exactly. So this doesn’t disprove the existence of God – it actually shows that God can know things, without experiencing it personally.

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