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Does the Epic of Gilgamesh lend credence to the Bible? How so? Listen and find out!


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Dave: the Epic of Gilgamesh is an ancient story including the great flood just like Genesis.

Jeff: In the last Truth Shot we showed how the Biblical account is more historical and based in reality, while the Gilgamesh account of the flood is more fanciful.

Dave: So the Bible is more accurate; but there’s still a very real question – did the Bible just copy the Gilgamesh story?

Jeff: Probably not. There are many differences in the stories – although, the theme is the same. But think about it: you’ve got Gilgamesh, Genesis and actually there are many other flood stories – does that mean the flood didn’t happen?

Dave: Well, if we’ve got multiple witnesses to the same event, it would seem to me the event probably happened!

Jeff: Well put – all the flood stories are likely different cultures explaining a real historical event! So the Gilgamesh story doesn’t hurt Genesis – it helps it.

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