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Does the Epic of Gilgamesh diminish the Genesis account of Noah’s Flood? Have a listen!


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Dave: the Epic of Gilgamesh is an ancient story including the great flood just like Genesis But some people claim that the Gilgamesh story PREDATES the book of Genesis! Did the Bible just copy another book?

Jeff: The Epic of Gilgamesh was written before Genesis and it does contain a flood story that’s similar to the Bible’s. But…

Dave: There are some major differences.

Jeff: The Arks size was 1.5million cubits and could hold many animals, but the Gilgamesh boat wasn’t nearly big enough

Dave: And the shape was different: the Gilgamesh boat was a cube…

Jeff: Yeah and could not float, it would roll over. But engineers will tell you the Ark could actually float…

Dave: In the Gilgamesh story people are granted immortality – but in the Bible, Noah… well you know what Noah did.

Jeff: It’s a very real story. So the Genesis account is more historical and less mythological. On the next Truth shot we’ll show why the Epic of Gilgamesh actually helps the Bible.

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