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Why does Evil exist? And why is it a very BAD idea for God to destroy evil now?
The answer may shock you!


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Dave: why is there evil in the world? Why doesn’t God just stop evil??

Jeff: Dave – have you ever done anything bad?

Dave: Yeah

Jeff: So, if God were to eliminate all evil right now – – what would he have to do with you?

Dave: oooh…

Jeff: It sounds good to say, “God should just get rid of evil” but since everyone has done wrong, we’re basically asking God to eliminate humanity

Dave: And that’s definitely not what we want.

Jeff: We also have to remember that God will, in the future, put an end to evil.

Dave: it’s just not right now

Jeff: Exactly. As 2 Peter 3 says: God is patient with us, because he wants all of us to repent from doing wrong.

Dave: So, long story short – if God eliminated all evil, he’d eliminate us too

Jeff: But God would rather have us change our ways and believe in him- which is why he hasn’t destroyed evil – yet.

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