Ways That Christianity Ruins Society

June 5, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • Welcome!
  • Pastor Jeff and… Pastor Dave?
  • Topic introduction
  • 10 Ways Christianity Ruins Society
  • 1. The Bible’s archaic, arbitrary code of ethics is ineffective in the real world.
    • Understanding the scripture through Biblical Hermeneutics. What is that?
    • CRACKED acronym
    • Some Biblical rules would seem absurd or vague when looked at without hermeneutics.
    • We need to understand the Bible as a whole, not just piecemeal
    • Scripture says that the stone tablets (the Ten Commandments) were a ‘Ministry of Death’. Why?
  • 2. The Bible grants you immunity for your crimes.
    • The Death Penalty and Temporal Law vs. Immunity and Spiritual Law
    • People don’t always take consequences into account.
    • Does forgiveness give us license to do whatever we want?
    • Jeff lays down the Gospel
    • No one accepts the Gospel and rejects Jesus.
    • Explanation of Sanctification
    • Atheism and immunity
  • 3. Christianity places subservience as one of its top virtues.
    • What is the subservience that scripture teaches?
    • Philippians 2:5-11
    • We aren’t into nation building; we are into bringing people to Christ
    • Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world
  • 4. Christianity places faith as one of its top virtues.
    • There is no Bible verse that calls for Blind Faith
    • Hebrews 11:1
    • We follow Jesus because of reason and evidence
    • We are not looking at one piece of evidence, but a cumulative case.
  • 5. Religion siphons money from the public that could be spent saving the world.
    • If Christianity is false, this would be true
    • If Christianity is true, then our mission becomes extremely important

Listener Question

I was in a discussion with an atheist, and I presented the moral argument. That there are objective morals. He said that “if something falls victim to something else, then it can’t be objective. Morals fall victim to God, therefore they are subjective. For something to be objective means that it stands on its own merit without influence by anything else. With a God morality becomes subjective and is subject to the will of that God”. How do I respond?

Bible Contradiction

Forgiven or not? Luke 12:10 vs Romans 10:13


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