Ways That Christianity Ruins Society pt2

June 12, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • 6. Making pleasure taboo is harmful
    • This would be true… if God did not exist
    • Proverbs 9:3-4 and Proverbs 9:13-16
    • Proverbs 9:17-18
    • The pleasures of sin are fleeting and lead to death
    • Real joy comes with our eternal rewards
    • We have a higher joy available to us!
    • What about the fruits of the Spirit?
    • We shouldn’t live in the moment. Instant gratification does not last
  • 7. Christianity has a long tradition of holding back scientific progress.
    • The story of Galileo is overused to prove this point
    • There is a difference between stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research
    • Mainstream churches do not normally hold medicine back in anticipation for God to heal
    • The article talks of exceptions… not the rule
    • Many early scientists believed in God… as do many contemporary scientists.
    • Early scientists got into science to explain and discover God and His creation
    • Here is our long list of scientists who were persecuted by the church… Galileo… umm… and Galileo?
  • 8. Life sucks for everyone else when Christians rule the world.
    • This is just plain wrong
    • Christianity has fought against slavery and exploitation since the first century.
    • Let’s compare Atheist Governments to Christian Governments
  • 9. Prayer is Useless
    • Jeff and his Prayer Journal
    • What comes from prayer? People who do the work!

Bible Contradiction

Was John the Baptist Elijah who was to come? John 1:19-21 vs Matthew 11:14


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