Who Was Adam?

November 8, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Introducing Dr. Fuz Rana
  • Breaking down Dr. Rana’s book, “Who was Adam?”
  • The attempts at transparency
  • The question of Human Origins is a very important question
  • How we view our origins affects how we view ourselves
  • What is the “Day Age” view? and why is it congruent with scientific dating?
  • The verbiage in the Bible gives a clue to the age of the Earth
  • Where was the Garden of Eden? Could it extend into Ethiopia?
  • This matches what Molecular Biology posits, that mankind originated in Ethiopia.
  • Does our great genetic diversity disprove the Adam and Eve model?
  • Of sheep and surprising data concerning Genetic Diversity
  • Challenges to Dr Rana’a book:
    • “The authors argue that all other hominid fossil species, such as the Neanderthals or Homo Erectus, were not created in God’s image because they did not behave as we do. Illustrating a pattern of denial that pervades the whole book, Rana and Ross go to great lengths to distinguish the Neanderthals’ tool kit as being very unsophisticated and to deny the existence of intentional burials.”
    • “by logical extension of the Rana/Ross argument, early Homo sapiens also must not have been made in God’s image — they lacked agriculture and permanent shelters, let alone MP3 players”
    • “Among the most egregious errors in the book is an argument dealing with the evolution of human brain size… they lump three or four different species, with successively greater brain sizes, into Australopithecus, giving one low average brain size over a 3.5–million-year period. My suspicions in this case go with intentional deception.”
    • BIBLE CONTRADICTION via infidels.org

    • When did Baasha die?
    • 1 Kings 16:8 vs 2 Chronicles 16:1
    • LISTENER QUESTION from Chad.

    • “Hey guys I heard your show this morning, I jut wanted to show you this. This guys says that Jesus’ genealogy goes back to Genesis with Adam and Eve. Jesus descended from Adam. That means the world is only 6000 years old not 13.8 billion”
  • Links

    Visit Reasons to Believe
    Learn more about Dr. Fuzale Rana
    Get your copy of the book, ‘Who was Adam?’, at Reasons.org



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