Through the Lens of Christ

June 11, 2017

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Topic Notes

The Bible must “be interpreted in light of the teachings and example of Jesus.” (Stuart Murray)

Theological terms: A shadow is a fuzzy picture of the reality. The Old Testament contains many shadows (or “types”) of the REALITY shown in the New Testament, or to be shown in Heaven. These shadows are real-life metaphors, analogies, etc.

The Airplane analogy (the shadow vs the real thing)

For all Anabaptists the Bible was the only rule of faith and practice for discipleship and the church. Biblical revelation was held to be progressive. The Old Testament was preparatory and partial, whereas the New Testament was final and complete. All of the Scriptures, they insisted, must be interpreted Christological, that is, through the mind of Christ.The Anabaptist Story, p196

You can study scripture all day long, but is it leading you back to Christ?

From Genesis to Revelation, Jesus is the point! – see John 5:36

Therefore, we should look at how Jesus lived and taught first. Only then can we understand the further theological training elsewhere, in the Old and New Testaments.

To properly understand Scripture we must see Jesus as the pinnacle of both Old and New Testaments, and all Scripture pointing towards his life, death, and resurrection as the way of life and belief for us.

Bible Contradiction

Is it Good or Bad to be Wealthy?
Psalms 112:1-3 vs Matthew 19:24

Listener Question

Was early Christianity influenced by paganism? Did Jesus use witchcraft for his miracles? I personally do still believe Christ used God’s power and is still God therefore not using witchcraft. However I know there are going to be listeners of your show who have these questions and thoughts. I learned recently that the Jewish Talmud teaches Jesus used witchcraft and therefore is a false prophet. So that surely has influenced a lot of Judaists who acknowledge the historical miracles of Jesus but believe it came from another, demonic source. Not many apologists touch on why Jesus didn’t use witchcraft and the arguments against it. – Matt

Listener Question

I was listening to y’alls radio station the other day on our local radio station when something y’all said kind of bothered me. Y’all said that you believed that the earth was not 6000 yrs old but millions/billions? As well as you believed that the earth was not flooded in Noah’s flood? that it was a local flood? I’m curious why you believe that to be? – Andi
see Noah vs Noah
see Our Old Earth

Listener Question

People often say to me, “I can’t do foster care. It would break my heart.” – Pastor Jeff?



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