Aliens and Our Universe

June 19, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • Introducing Dr. Hugh Ross!
  • Recap about Dinosaur Blood
  • Organic Molecules in Space?
  • Does this mean “life in space”
  • Keep in mind that hydrogen-cyanide is an organic molecule
  • Propylene oxide is the molecule we are speaking of
  • Understanding Chiral Molecules
  • While cool, the discovery really isn’t a building block to life and not relevant to the origin of life.
  • Amino acids, comets and life
  • Aliens!
  • Is the process of life repeatable
  • UFO Sightings
  • Natural phenomena, hoaxes and military aircraft
  • Are these things extradimensional?
  • What about crazy drunk liars?
  • Close Encounters explained
  • Contact stories evolve with time. They do not remain the same.
  • Is there a connection to the occult?
  • The Soviet Union and Occult Weapons
  • What is the link?

Bible Contradiction

Did Jesus carry his own cross or not?
Mark 15:21 – John 19:17


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