Are All Religions Equal?

February 5, 2012

Topic Notes

The radio show, from 2-5-2012.


  • Do all religions lead to God?  Is the “coexist” bumper sticker logical?  Do Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and other beliefs all lead us towards the same God as Christianity?
  • Christianity is a testable religion.  If Jesus didn’t rise we should be pitied and our religion is pointless, but we can test and see if it is true.
  • What do other religions teach about Jesus?
  • Special Logical Claim: Either Christianity is true and all other religions are wrong, or all religions are wrong including Christianity.
  • Bible contradiction: Does the book of Matthew ( Matthew 27:9-10) incorrectly attribute a prophecy to Jeremiah, instead of Zechariah?
  • Question:  Where is Jesus’ body located right now?  When Jesus rose bodily and physically, he also ascended to Heaven.  So where is his body right now?
  • Question: Why doesn’t God answer prayers for things like total healing for marriages?


More Content
We said we’d provide a link to an article by Elliot Miller at CRI about healing and God not answering prayers.  To check that article out read “Healing: Does God Always Heal?”