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Does God want us to be happy?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: God wants me to be happy!

Jeff: Well, that’s true!

Dave: But some people use that as a reason to leave a spouse, have an affair, do drugs, or engage in sin.

Jeff: But, those things don’t lead to happiness.

Dave: Cocaine can lead to a temporary happiness – but when you’ve lost your family, home, friends, health, and freedom being locked up in prison –

Jeff: You aren’t happy!

Dave: God sees things from a very long term perspective.

Jeff: Only He knows how deeply and profoundly sin will spoil our souls.

Dave: Our Father understands the duration of eternity, and how sin takes our craving for Heaven away.

Jeff: God wants you to be happy forever! Not just on Earth for a measly 100 years.

Dave: God wants eternally deep satisfaction for billions of millennium.

Jeff: He has directed us to obey him, and although sometimes that obedience temporarily causes dissatisfaction it will produce genuine joy and happiness.

Dave: Consider the person who saves their money for years, to buy a mansion. It was hard work – but well worth it.

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