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August 14, 2016

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Topic Notes

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  • Recap from last week
    • 98% of the population engaged in farming at the beginning of the interglacial period compared to 2% today
    • Do we take climate stability for granted?
    • 100 to 1,500 years remaining in the current interglacial period
    • What does God have to do with all of this?
    • The miracle of ice on our planet
    • Miraculous Tectonic Events
    • Ice and Solar Radiation
    • The eccentricity of Earth’s orbit
    • the perfection of the climate in our interglatial period is one in a million
    • Supernovae Events and our 9,000 year window
    • Every Geological Era prior to our own has been crucial to the success of our current technological and cultural advancements
    • Let’s talk odds (1 in 101,200)
    • Let’s put this in perspective
  • Statistics
  • NEW INFO released July 4th 2016
    1. 1. water habitable zone
    2. 2. ultraviolet habitable zone
    3. 3. photosynthetic habitable zone
    4. 4. ozone habitable zone
    5. 5. planetary rotation rate habitable zone
    6. 6. planetary obliquity habitable zone
    7. 7. tidal habitable zone
    8. 8. astrosphere habitable zone
    9. 9. “…a ninth habitable zone has been discovered—the electric wind habitable zone.”
  • Statistics about Jesus fulfillment of prophecy
  • The cumulative case


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Malachi 3:6 vs Exodus 32:14



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