The Myths of Christmas

December 20, 2015

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Topic Notes

Introduction: Bible Myths
Myth #1: Mary and Joseph arrived at an inn, but it was full so they had to stay in stable.

  • The word translated “inn” is does not mean “hotel” the Greek word is kataluma.
  • Used in: Luke 22:11, and Mark 14:14 – The Upper Room
  • Also: Luke 10:34
  • Inns were only on the main roads – so there were none in Bethlehem
  • Normally used only by Romans and foreigners

About XMas and Happy Holidays

  • What’s the deal with the X?
  • the X is the first Greek letter in Christ (Χριστός)
  • What about Holidays?
  • Holidays is actually translated to Holy Days

Myth #2: Jesus was born on December 25th

  • Clue: Luke 2:8
  • Shepherds only let their flocks out at night during the warm months
  • Christ was probably born in a warm season like summer, not a cold one like winter.
  • In fact early Christians chose December 25th because that was the supposed birth of a false god, during the pagan festival of Rome: feast of goddess Brutus.
  • It was done in order to wrest the celebration away from pagans. Mission Accomplished!

Myth #3: Joseph and Mary arrived to Bethlehem late at night.

  • Bible doesn’t say when.
  • Today, we drive, but back then, they walked just 10-15 miles a day. They knew how long they would travel.
  • Furthermore, traveling at night was dangerous.
  • They probably arrived in the late afternoon.

Myth #4: The innkeeper had no alternative but to put Mary and Joseph in stable at night.

  • There were no stables back then, per se.
  • Sheep were usually protected within stone walls.
  • Other animals were typically brought into the house at night.

Myth #5: Mary gave birth to Jesus the night they arrived.

  • Luke says “while they were there the days were completed”
  • Joseph probably didn’t travel on the day of the birth.

Myth #6: Mary was alone in a stable when Jesus was born.

  • In middle, or lower class home, there were three parts.
    1. A family room
    2. a place for the animals at night
    3. an extra room partitioned off from the family room (guest room).
  • The whole family – everyone – was in the same house.


  • Did the prophecy of the Virgin Birth really mean “virgin” birth?
  • Isaiah 7:14
  • Matthew 1:23
  • The argument: The Greek Septuagint which Matthew used translates it as “a virgin shall conceive and bear a son,” but the Hebrew word “almah” means “young woman of marriageable age,” not a virgin.



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