Teleological Argument

July 21, 2013

Topic Notes


  • The Teleological Argument – Probably the oldest and most popular argument for God’s existence:
    1. All designs imply a designer
    2. There is great design in the Universe
    3. Therefore, there must be a Great Designer of the Universe
  • Aristotle and Plato (not Christians, but genius philosophers) believed in God or gods.
  • They said there was some kind of INTELLIGENT MIND who designed the Universe.
  • According to Aristotle, philosophy begins with a sense of wonder about the world.
  • This is where modern science came from – a sense of wonder.
  • But it is also where a realization of God’s existence can come from.
  • “The Watch” Analogy
  • Things only moves towards a purposeful goal with CONSCIOUSNESS DIRECTING IT!!
  • Romans 1:20
  • Amazing Earth Facts
  • Life = Just add water? – Not so fast!
    • Jesus did / did not show love for his enemies.
    • Luke 6:27 vs. Luke 19:26-27
  • Listener Question:
    • In response to a Truth Shot
    • “Who created your god?”
  • OVERTIME! “Online” content
  • A continuation of “Who created your god?”
  • More Amazing Earth Facts
  • What is necessary to produce life? Check out Hugh Ross’ Article (link below)
  • Hugh Ross is not just a writer… He’s a Scientist and knows stuff!!
  • What is the “mulit-verse”?
  • If our Universe is a good design, it’s repeatable and God may do what he wants!
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