Devouring the Word of God

July 28, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Life can trip you up if you let it.
  • Discussion on Matthew 4:4
  • The Bible is the Bread of Life
  • We implore: Don’t just TASTE the bread
  • Who is George Whitfield?
  • Discussion of the Great Awakening
  • How did George Whitfield and the Great Awakening affect the basis of our Nation?
  • Living life to the maximum
  • Ben Franklin meets George Whitfield
  • HOW Could George Whitfield be so passionate?
  • Living an abundant life
  • Discussion on John 10:10
    • God’s attributes are revealed in His works: Romans 1:20
    • vs. God’s attributes cannot be discovered: Job 11:7, Isaiah 40:28
  • God is speaking to us THROUGH the Bible (it’s called the WORD of God!)
  • Instructions are important to read. The Bible is no different

This show originally aired July 28, 2013

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