Biblical View: Old Earth vs New Earth

July 14, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Three mistake that New Earthers make when dealing with the Old Earth / New Earth question.
    • 1. Don’t elevate the “young Earth” view to Gospel status (essential Christian doctrine)
    • 2. Don’t reject, a priori, scientific explanations
    • 3. Don’t assume that OLD EARTH BELIEVERS don’t respect the Bible.
  • You CANNOT read Genesis and speak meaningfully about age of the Earth without understanding Hebrew language!
  • Genesis chapters 1-2 have FOUR different verbs to describe creation miracles.
    • 1. bara (baw-raw) – Used only to describe God’s creating. These are “POOF” miracles
      Genesis 1:1 / Genesis 1:21-22 / Genesis 1:27 / Genesis 2:4
    • 2. asa (aw-saw) – to do or make, generic term. Implies a recasting of existing material into new form (like using eggs, butter, flour to make a cake)
      Genesis 1:16 / Genesis 1:25 / Genesis 1:26 / Genesis 1:31
    • 3. Haya – (haw-yaw) – “comes to pass” or “to be” … implies let nature to run its course, not referring to things that exist for the first time.
      Genesis 1:3 / Genesis 1:6 / Genesis 1:14-15
    • 4. qavah – (kaw-vaw’) – a verb meaning: “TO WAIT FOR!!”
      Genesis 1:9
    • God does / does not know what is everyone’s heart.
    • Deuteronomy 8:2 vs. Acts 1:24
    • ONLINE QUESTION: Was Pangea real? I don’t believe it happened millions of years ago, but I can’t tell if it was real. My pastor says it was, but my family disagrees. Anyone have answers?
  • OVERTIME! “Online” content
    • Is the “Old Earth” viewpoint supportive of Evolution?
    • Is the “Young Earth” viewpoint only for stubborn fundamentalists?
    • Should we even Attempt to Reconcile Science and the Bible?
    • Is it Bad to Reinterpret the Bible According to Science?

This show originally aired July 14, 2013

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