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Should Biblical Morality be forced on society?

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Dave: Jeff, you’ve argued for morality as an ABSOLUTE value. Does this mean Biblical views of right and wrong should be given to society as a whole?

Jeff: First other than a belief in absolute truth and morals, I wouldn’t suggest all society follow the Biblical rules. For instance, I think it’s the most important thing in the world to train a child to worship God! But I can’t place that expectation on others by law!

Dave: An important note would be that morality seems to be embedded inside of us apart from any Scriptures.

Jeff: Yes, we all have a sense of absolute morality.

Dave: But, some of those standards are worth imposing on all people and some cannot be.

Jeff: Exactly. Worshiping Jesus! Not everyone should be forced to do that.

Dave: At the same time, if something is clearly wrong…

Jeff: …such as beating someone up, or stealing, society should make laws to punish those who do wrong.

Dave: So, law should based on clear absolute morality and not community preference or Biblical rules.

Jeff: Otherwise law becomes capricious or overbearing… or both.

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