Rewind: Objections from an Atheist – Pt2

August 7, 2022

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Topic Notes


  • Part One of Objections from an Atheist can be seen here
  • If God’s word is so inerrant then how come all religious people seem to think all the other religious people are so wrong?
  • If fetuses are innocent, shouldn’t we be thanking abortion doctors for sending babies to heaven?
  • If I’m sick, should I pray, or go to the doctor?
  • If I should do both – which one would help me more?
  • Why won’t you heal amputees?
  • Why don’t you hire an editor for the bible? Because it’s long, boring, full of contradictions and really repetitive.
  • Why is your last name Da**it?
  • Was it hard for your son growing up in the middle east being the only white kid in the neighborhood?
  • What do you have against foreskin?
  • How DO magnets work?
  • How come your son supposedly died for my sins, but you brought him back to life… you went back on your word.
  • Why do you get all of the credit but none of the blame?
  • Who broke your heart so badly that you have to take out your wrath on women?
  • Why would you create such a vast universe and then only inhabit one planet?
  • Why are so many people allergic to so many of your creations?
  • How come our bodies have a sewage system next to an amusement park?
  • How come science keeps proving you wrong?

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