Objections from an Atheist

March 3, 2019

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Questions for God – From Mermant Mehta at FriendlyAtheist.com:

  • Why do you allow suffering?
  • Why do Good Faithful people die in natural disasters?
  • Why would you give innocent children terminal illnesses or genetic deformities?
  • Seriously, a talking snake?
  • If you know our fate, then why should we bother with prayer?
  • Which prayers do you listen to and which do you ignore?
  • How do I know when YOU’RE talking to me; and when I’m just talking to myself?
  • What am I gonna do in Heaven?
  • How can you offer unconditional love AND threaten people with eternal damnation?
  • How can I enjoy Heaven if someone I love is burning in Hell?
  • Isn’t it pretty messed up that a kind loving atheist and an evil genocidal maniac would both suffer the same eternal punishment in your eyes?
  • Why are your followers so annoying?
  • Why are your commandments so misguided? What about slavery and rape?
  • With all the different religions why don’t you just settle the question once and for all instead of speaking through ambiguous messages that can be interpreted in so many different ways?
  • If you really wanted our sins forgiven, why did you have to kill your Son to do it?
  • Why don’t you stop playing hide-and-seek with us and just show yourself?
  • Seriously, toast?
  • Why do you seem to answer the prayers of rich athletes who want to win a game, but not of starving children who are on the brink of death?

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