Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees?

July 10, 2016

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Topic Notes

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  • Atheist argument: If God heals people, why doesn’t He heal amputees?
  • What is a non sequitur? Arguments that don’t follow a logical path
  • Does this argument, if true, prove that God does not exist? NO!
  • Just because God can heal, doesn’t mean that He has to heal in order to exist
  • God and the Blind Study
  • Isn’t the statement that God hasn’t healed an amputee simply an assumption?
  • Dave sometimes confuses himself
  • The problem of simple acceptance
  • Christians need to practice a bit of skepticism
  • Is the atheist willing to accept credible evidence?
  • The story of Gene Mullenax
  • Other healing stories
  • This is a moral problem, not an evidence problem
  • There is no guarantee that someone witnessing a miracle will believe.
  • The Bible covers over 100,000 years of human history and took 1,500 years to be completed. In all that time we only see gigantic miracles during the lives of (1) Moses, (2) Elijah and Elisha, (3) Jesus, and (4) The Apostles. That covers less than one half of 1% of human history!

Bible Contradiction

via errancy.org
The final words of Jesus on the cross
Luke 23:46 vs. John 19:30


Read: Miracles and Unbelief by Brett Kunkle



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