From the Mouth of God – Part 3

January 24, 2016

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Topic Notes


  • How do we know the Bible is true?
  • Because Jesus said so? Is that good enough?
  • The Peter Pan analogy
  • What about other evidence?
  • Credible evidence is key to proving a fact.
  • Witnesses, testimony and truth
  • There is no real reason to discount what Jesus said.
  • The Old Testament is the Word of God: John 10:35, Matthew 4:4, Mark 7:13
  • The New Testament is the Word of God: John 14:25-27, John 16:13-14
  • There are many verses where Jesus 1) declares the Apostle’s capable of writing scripture, 2) showing how the Church built doctrine on the Apostle’s teachings 3) even Paul and Peter referred to each other’s writings as scripture!
  • The biggest proof is the statistics that we discussed in last week’s show.
    • Questions for Christians

    • 1. How are you sure your religion is right when there are thousands to choose from and you are Christian simply due to birth?
    • 2. Has science made God obsolete?
    • 3. Why does God not stop mass murder and genocide?
    • 4. How did Jesus’ death take away our sins?
    • 5. Is it right that all non-Christians will go to Hell?

    • Does God prohibit adultery?
    • Exodus 20:14 vs. Hosea 1:2
      Listener Question

    • “If the Garden of Eden was perfect, what did animals eat? And why are some of them made to fight… like, why on Earth would snakes have venom?”


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