More Questions for Christians

January 31, 2016

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Topic Notes


  • Introduction!
  • Is it right that all non-Christians will go to Hell?
  • We belong to God, not to ourselves.
  • It’s God’s prerogative to do with what He pleases?
  • God doesn’t willy-nilly throw people into Hell
  • God doesn’t do cosmic kidnapping
  • You either reject or accept God
  • What of all the people born before Jesus?
  • The work He did applies to all people before and after the cross!
  • We look back at what Jesus has done, those who came before looked forward to messiah
  • Is God a dictator?
  • The analogy to a dictator doesn’t work
  • Let’s make the analogy of the GOOOD dictator
  • You simply get what you ask for
  • What’s the point of prayer? Why are they so rarely answered?
  • Jeff’s prayer journal
  • There are several reasons why God will not answer prayer
  • What about healing? Why would we need doctors?
  • It is not a contradiction to pray and then go to a doctor
  • God gave us a brain to learn and create… we should use it.
  • God invented the concept of PROCESSES
  • There are also other things at play
  • What is the difference between something that cannot be seen, heard, touch or detected by any of our senses or any scientific measurement device, and something that doesn’t exist?
  • If one would witness evidence of design within the box, one would conclude that there is actually a creature in the box.
  • What do you think of Hell and the Devil?
  • You don’t get there because God is mean. You get there because you reject God
  • If there was a God do you not think he would have written a better book than the Bible?
  • It is applied to every single culture throughout time!!

  • What of the Sabbath Day?
  • Exodus 20:8 and Exodus 31:15 vs. John 5:16 and Colossians 2:16


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