Dr. Rana and the Missing Link

October 13, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Introduction of Dr. Fuz Rana
  • Science and Christianity are in harmony with each other
  • Scripture tells us that God is revealed through nature
  • Talking about Evolution
  • Has the “missing link” been found?
  • Discovered fossil dates back to 50,000 years prior to modern fish
  • It is claimed to have filled a huge gap between modern fish and its ancestors
  • The fossil record doesn’t necessarily have to be viewed in Evolutionist terms
  • Is it possible that the fossil record shows Common Design rather than Common Descent
  • Just because something has a blending of properties doesn’t prove Evolution is correct
  • This discovery makes some Evolution text books obsolete because it doesn’t hold up the previous ideas
  • It proves earlier Transitional Models of Evolution as erroneous
  • NOTE: This discovery doesn’t prove or disprove Creationism or Evolution, it simply upends some of the previous held ideas of Evolution
  • Neanderthal studies: DNA proves that they could not have evolved into humans
  • Clear Evolutionary Trees are extremely elusive to science
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION: From EvilBible.com
    • There is an unpardonable sin / There is not an unpardonable sin
    • Mark 3:29 vs. Acts 13:39
  • The term Evolution is ambiguous and there are lots of truths within the overall idea, however, macro evolution is still very vague.
  • It is acceptable to view the fossil record as a history of God’s creation, where some species simply didn’t survive.

This show originally aired October 13th, 2013

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