Proving God Doesn’t Exist Pt3

October 6, 2013

Topic Notes


  • We believe the Bible is inerrant.
  • If you stop seeking, you will stop finding. NEVER STOP SEEKING THE TRUTH!
  • Final 3 questions of a 10 point argument against the existence of God
  • #8. The slipperiness of Spiritual or Religious beliefs
    • If we’re trying to prove God exists because of an answered prayer, or lack of, it’s a bad argument.
    • Our reason to believe rests on Jesus Christ and the plethora of evidence in His wake
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION: via Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Romans 3:23 and Romans 3:10 vs. Job 1:1 and Luke 1:6
  • 9. The failure of religion to improve or clarify over time.
    • This objection doesn’t disprove God
    • Not everybody actually loves God or Jesus
    • This objection is also NOT TRUE – READ THE BIBLE! God reveals Himself more and more throughout our history!
    • Talking about Progressive Revelation
  • LISTENER QUESTION:Ontological Argument: Aren’t there better arguments for the existence of God? Isn’t it a circular argument?
  • 10. The complete lack of solid evidence for God’s existence.
  • Jeff actually LOL’d
  • solution to this question:

This show originally aired October 6th, 2013



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