Are You a Pseudo-Intellectual?

August 21, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • Use your brain!
  • What is a pseudo-intellectual
  • Confession Time!!
  • The dangers facing today’s society. What is the worst?
  • Jeff makes a pseudo-intellectual claim about pseudo-intellectual people. huh?
  • Jeff becomes a pseudo-intellecual
  • Spotting the pseudo-intellectual
  • An argument about orange
  • a conversation where everybody loses
  • We should be trying to use verifiable claims in our debates
  • “I think” should only be used in objective conversations.
  • We need to have humility in our discussions.
  • Dave vs Jeff / Broncos vs Chiefs
  • Distinctions and Definitions
  • You might not be a Pseudo-Intellecual if one of the following is true:
    • You make an honest mistakes
    • You don’t know everything
    • You really believe something that is wrong
  • 10 Identifying Features of the Pseudo-Intellectual:
    • Straw-man arguments
    • The Anecdotal fallacy
    • Use of the False Opposite, Modus-Tollens
    • Not reading the study/paper/
    • Too much use of words like “obviously”, “everyone”, and other generic terms
    • Switching your point subtly without conceding.
    • Assuming you know your “opponents” reasoning and argument, and not listening carefully or not seeking to understand.
    • Acting like there is no way to know the truth on a given subject.
    • Argument from repetition.
    • Believing that your own opinion, or current sources, are the full-measure of knowledge on a given subject.

Bible Contradiction

In Genesis 15:18 God promises that the Israelites would have certain land, but they do not have it even though the Messiah already came. Was the Bible wrong?


READ: The Pseudo-Itellectual by Pastor Jeff Piepho
— Posted on
READ: The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by O. Palmer Robertson
— available on
WATCH: Logic and Preliminaries to Apologetic Reasoning by Pastor Jeff Piepho

Football Challenge

Denver Broncos have won 456 games overall
(through 57 seasons – 1960-2016)
Dallas Texans / Kansas City Chiefs have won 435 games overall
(through 57 seasons – 1960-2016)



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