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May 15, 2016

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  • Brains and Faith
  • About Revolution Church
  • ARTICLE: I Am Not In Church by Tom Rainer
    • Unfortunately many churches are unfriendly. This needs to change.
    • Many churches have a watered down message made to please everyone.
    • Churches are against so many things. What about what churches are for?
    • People want answers and to be treated with dignity and care.
    • Most people aren’t anti-christian, they just want to find a place where people care.
  • ARTICLE: Was Early Christianity Hostile to Women? by Dr. Michael Kruger
    • Christianity–particularly if it embraces a complementarian theology–is viewed by many in our culture as oppressive and harmful to women.  It does not provide, we are told, a friendly and welcoming environment where women can grow and thrive.
    • What is complementarian theology
    • Is this a pervading thought in society?
    • Why did women flock to Christianity in the 2nd century?
    • Pagan critics of Christianity mocked it for being a womens’ religion
    • Early Christianity was actually very helpful for women
  • ARTICLE: Thank God for Merging Neutron Stars by Dr. Hugh Ross
    • Astronomers have known for several decades that elements heavier than zinc are synthesized through rapid (r) and slow (s) neutron-capture processes. The r-process is known to occur in core-collapse supernovae and is responsible for the production of about half of all the elements in the periodic table that are heavier than iron
    • The new study calls into question the assumption that all the universe’s r-process elements are manufactured by core-collapse supernovae.
    • the appearance of a plateau (a leveling out over a long period of time) in the abundance of europium in several dwarf spheroidal galaxies indicates that r-process element enrichment is not continual but rather the result of rare but highly efficient events.
    • Apparently, the universe is designed so that the just-right number and types of merging events occur to produce the necessary amount of r-process elements so that billions of human beings can enjoy a global high-technology civilization here on Earth and use that technology to take the
      Good News of salvation to all the people groups of the world.

  • When was Judas paid for his betrayal?
  • Mark 14:10-11 vs Matthew 26:14-16



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