Sense & Nonsense about Heaven and Hell

February 1, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Faith and Reason meet here!!
  • Introducing Robert Bowman
  • There are many misconceptions about Heaven and Hell
  • Discussion about the Bible as a reliable source
  • Why no miracles today?
  • It is important to check with scripture
  • The first person you meet in heaven
  • Jesus is the only human being who lived in Heaven before becoming human.
  • Jesus knew more about Heaven than anyone else who has ever lived.
  • Heaven is not a state of our minds, but a real spiritual realm
    • How long did Jehoiachin rule over Jerusalem?
    • 2 Kings 24:8 vs 2 Chronicles 36:9
  • Humankind’s default destination is Hell, not Heave
  • The belief that everyone or at least nearly everyone will make it into God’s eternal kingdom is naive.
  • Hitler and Grandma
  • Our destination is not based on works but grace
  • If you suffer for Christ, it will make eternity with Christ much sweeter
  • Mozart and Music Appreciation
  • The Christian hope is resurrection, not body-less life after death
  • Our resurrection bodies will be like Christ’s
  • Comparing Eternity with Eden
  • Is the soul “immortal”?
  • The soul apart from the body is an unnatural state
  • Will death be like sleep?

Extra Stuff

Sense and Nonsense about Heaven and Hell by Kenneth Boa and Robert M. Bowman, Jr. on Amazon
Visit the Institute for Religious Research



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