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September 25, 2016

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Would a miraculous claim such as Jesus’s resurrection require more evidence than would be required for a more “regular” claim?

  • Jesus’ resurrection is a miraculous claim
  • The resurrection is not a “test and repeat” event
  • The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is less scientific evidence and more “courtroom” evidence
  • Eyewitness Evidence, Government Testimony, Biblical Prophecy, Historical Evidence, etc. all leads to a positive conclusion.
  • The requirement of evidence needs to be in line with the event.

I do find the cumulative case argument compelling and feel like I’m very close to accepting the cumulative case to theism as least. The main problem I find now is that I find it hard to just believe, no matter how hard I try, nor how compelling I find the evidence. It’s hard to describe, and ridiculous to me as I always thought that I’d follow the evidence wherever it lead. Have you ever come across anything like this before?

  • What is the Cumulative Case?
  • This is not a unique case.
  • Truth does not always make you want to change.
  • Free will plays a huge part.
  • Until our hearts are invested, our brain doesn’t matter much.
  • It is quite normal.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to change, and you know God WILL change you.
  • Stepping into the light: your brain has to lead your feelings!
  • The Holy Spirit is the one who reveals the truth.
  • Pray for a heart change!

I consider myself a Christian, have been saved and baptized, but I don’t really think I should participate in communion, because to me, it’s a very Catholic thing and I don’t agree with a whole lot of communion practices. Is there a specific reason that I should participate?

  • Jesus told us to take communion to remember His sacrifice and of Christian unity.

I have been watching your podcast and in one with Hugh Ross you very insincerely (that is what I saw) misrepresented the use of statistics, which the average person (who just wants to agree with you anyway) would have been snowed by. He was throwing a bunch of number… out of his bum… and you were agreeing with him, likely for entertainment purposes, but in the end you stated that the world being fine tuned was more likely than someone winning power ball 160 times in a row without buying a ticket… which can’t work because you actually have to participate to win. However, giving you the benefit of the doubt I believe you were using hyperbole for entertainment purposes. But you can’t win anything if you don’t actually play.
That is bad math.

  • It was hyperbole to make a point, but one that was obvious.
  • regardless of the difference in odds, both scenarios are impossible and, statistically speaking, impossible = impossible

Bible Contradiction

Where Was Jesus on the Sixth Hour of the Crucifixion?
Mark 15:32-33 vs. John 19:14-15



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