A Thousand Crying Babies

October 2, 2016

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Topic Notes

How do we know that God exists?
The Cosmological Argument for the existence for God deals with the Universe.
God didn’t create the Universe and then put up a “Gone Fishing” sign.
Today we are talking about the Vertical Cosmological argument.

  • Everything in the Universe is dependent upon something else
  • If everything is dependent, then the whole Universe together is dependent.
  • Therefore, the whole Universe is dependent on some independent Being beyond the Universe for its current existence

What are some things in the Universe that are dependent?

  • stars
  • Pastor Dave
  • Apple trees

If we put dependent parts together, don’t they become complete and independent together?
The triangle example.

  • Being dependent upon something is a fundamental attribute. It doesn’t necessarily co-exist with our definition, but if we change it doesn’t. What this means is that being dependent doesn’t make us human beings, but we are always dependent.
  • Fundamental Attribute: An attribute so elementary to an object that the object will retain the attribute, if paired with something that has a similar fundamental attribute. Part of the nature of the object.

G.I. Joe and Barbie getting married?
A G.I. Joe as a hammer.
A G.I. Joe still has a fundamental attribute regardless of what you use it for.
Everything is dependent, even if you put dependent things together
If you put some dependence in a bucket and add more dependence, you still have dependence.
Our Universe needs something to keep it existing.
This is not a physical need.
Colossians 1:17 – in Him, all things hold together.
Complimentary things are still dependent.
Babies in a forest would need help to survive. If you add a thousand babies, they don’t become NOT dependent, but MORE dependent.

Bible Contradiction

via 1001biblecontradictions.com
Should males appear before God in Jerusalem three times a year? Or not?
Exodus 34:23 vs. John 4:21

Listener Questions

  • I didn’t really understand [the apostle’s creed]. Is this something we should be teaching [our children]? The two parts that make me a little leery is the “Jesus descended into hell” and “I believe in the catholic church” …what are your thoughts?
  • Why don’t you believe in a rapture?

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