Christian End Game

October 5, 2014

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Topic Notes

  • Introducing Ken Samples
  • Christian End Game
  • Uninformed Christians can cause non-believers to mistrust the church
  • Ken gives a piece of prophecy
  • NEWS FLASH: Nobody knows when the end is coming!
  • Bible Prophecy is important, but we MUST study EVERYTHING in the Bible
  • “Left Behind” isn’t the only “End Time” view
  • The differences between Premillennialism, Post-Millennialism and Amillennialism?
  • Is there a duality in Bible Prophesy?
  • “already / not yet”
  • There are great areas of agreement on the end times.
  • The fact that Christ will return is much more important than the “when” and “how”
  • Bible Contradiction via
    • Did Jesus bear his own cross?
    • John 19:17 vs Matthew 27:31-32
  • Bible Contradiction via
    • Does God condone child abuse / child sacrifice?
    • Judges 11:30-31 / Judges 11:39
  • What is the genre of scripture in the apocalyptic books?
  • When dealing with Bible Prophecy, you want to make sure that you are well read, biblically.
    • Signs of Times vs Knowing God’s timing
    • Navigating life in light of end-times scripture
    • The Bible isn’t a puzzle to be solved… it is a book of revelation
    • Jesus and Cake
    • What is the “already / not yet” concept?


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