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Many people give God a bad rap for things in the Old Testament. Take a closer look. Things aren’t always what they seem.

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Dave: Is there grace in the Old Testament? Or is it something new, in the New Testament, after Jesus?

Jeff: Virtually EVERY story in the Old Testament is proof of grace, actually.

Dave: The theological phrase is “Salvation History” – a recounting of the many times God had mercy on Israel.

Jeff: It’s a very clear pattern that we see over and over and over…

Dave: It goes something like this:

Jeff: Step 1: Israel forsakes God and breaks a command, especially worshiping other gods and rejecting the real God.

Dave: Step 2: God gives Israel over to nations to harm it, take them captive, or ruin them.

Jeff: Step 3: Israel cries out to God, Yahweh, for deliverance from their situation – they ask for mercy!

Dave: Step 4: God gives them mercy and delivers Israel from their enemies.

Jeff: We see this over and over. Mercy is not new when Jesus comes. In fact, the whole point of the old Testament laws was to help everyone understand:


Jeff: So, mercy in the Old Testament? Absolutely.

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