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There are many avenues to explore truth. It is impractical to ignore any of these, as we believe that the search for truth always leads back to Jesus!

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Dave: The most glorious question one can ask today is this:

Jeff: Is it scientific?

Dave: We want to know whether things are scientifically proven, and that’s a good thing.

Jeff: We love science.

Dave: Truth. It can lead us to truth.

Jeff: One problem, however, is that science is not the only way to find truth.

Dave: For some reason we’ve elevated science above all other disciplines in our culture.

Jeff: But philosophy can guide us to logical and epistemological realities.

Dave: Archeology can help us discover truths!

Jeff: Not to mention psychology.

Dave: Theology, sociology…

Jeff: And math. Heck, even art can help us explore truth.

Dave: So, while asking whether something is scientific is fine, be sure not to exclude other methods of finding what is real.

Jeff: Quick example: scientists engage in study about the beginning of the Universe, and whether it is eternally old.

Dave: But philosophy already answered that question. You cannot traverse and infinite amount of time and end up here.

Jeff: Science. It’s awesome. But, it’s not the only way to gain knowledge.

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