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You mean Faith and Reason CAN REALLY COEXIST?

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We did a 30-minute show on this topic!


Dave: Scientists are really awesome!

Jeff: Oh yeah! … um, why?

Dave: Because they study really important stuff!

Jeff: True – hey, philosophers study important stuff too –

Dave: But, not really. I mean, they don’t study actual data.

Jeff: Yeah, so who cares? Well, here’s what Philosophers do ok?… They study the scientist and how he interacts with what he studies.

Dave: So, the scientist looks at, “What happens when I put this chemical with that chemical?”

Jeff: And the Philosopher asks, “Now that you know what happens, are you asking the right questions about why it happened? What biases are you introducing into your interpretation of the data?”

Dave: So, without philosophy, a scientist can really only get data but very little conclusions.

Jeff: Or their conclusions may be biased, or lead to the wrong direction – or even immoral places that a scientist wouldn’t want to go.

Dave: So… it’s like: who studies the studier?

Jeff: Ah… Exactly! We must be asking the right questions! Not just “what is the data” but, “what does the data mean? Did we read it right? How do we use it?” And THAT’s why we do philosophy!

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