The Ten Plagues of Egypt

December 14, 2014

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  • Introducing Dr Zweerink!
  • Talking Hollywood and the Bible
  • What is a “hyper-natural miracle”?
  • Miracles can often be “God meets natural opportunity”
  • First Plague: Nile turned to blood – could it have been a huge red algae bloom?
  • Second Plague: Frog infestation – is it possible that the first plague caused a proliferation of frogs?
  • Third Plague: Gnats – Gnats feed on dead organisms that were a result of the condition of the Nile.
  • Does God typically use natural means to interact with man?
  • God invented natural processes, it makes sense that He would use them.
  • Fourth Plauge: Insects – the environment made it possible for the proliferation of Stable Flies
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION via the Friendly Atheists at
    • Is the Law of Moses useful or not??
    • 2 Timothy 3:16 vs Hebrews 7:18
  • Fifth Plague: Death of lifestock – Gnats can carry diseases that may have been passed onto livestock
  • Sixth Plague: Boils – can be caused by glanders disease transmitted by the bite of the Stable Fly
  • Seventh Plague: Hail – several possible explanations about this
  • Eighth Plague: Locusts – could have been brought on by the damp conditions caused by the hail
  • Ninth Plague: Darkness – The scientific consensus seems to be that the darkness was due to a khamsin, hot southerly winds from the Sahara.
  • Tenth Plague: Death of Egyptian first-born


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