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If you think heaven is simply going to be sitting on clouds and playing a harp, THINK AGAIN!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: We know there won’t be pain or suffering in Heaven. That’s nice, but, is it just going to be floating on clouds and playing harps? Like in a dream sequence?

Jeff: Myth!!! listen to me carefully, friends: Heaven is not Spiritual place – if by Spiritual, you mean misty, cloudy, dreamy, or fluffy.

Dave: Too often we picture the next life as misty and airy. We think we’ll sit on clouds.

Jeff: Now, don’t get me wrong, in one sense it’s VERY spiritual, because we’ll be in the presence of God, and no longer will our spirits and souls be subservient to our flesh.

Dave: But, and be clear on this: it’s not anti-flesh. It will be very real. You can stomp your feet on the rocky ground.

Jeff: In Mark 9, Jesus gives physical instructions about preparing for the next life. Like pluck your eye out if you sin with it! Obviously, hyperbole, but… the point is clear, the next life is VERY REAL.

Dave: Jesus suggests real actions, because the next life is A REAL PLACE.

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