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So, you think you have independence? Ultimately, nothing in our Universe can claim this attribute.

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Everything in the universe is dependent upon something else.

Jeff: That’s right. You need water. Stars need fusion. Rocks need the nuclear forces to hold their molecules together. Cars need gas. Gas needs atoms. Atoms need a nucleus. Nucleuses need…

Dave: We get it. Everything depends on something RIGHT NOW to keep existing.

Jeff: If everything in the universe is dependent, the WHOLE universe must be dependent on something outside itself… ya know, God.

Dave: When I paint all the walls in a room orange, I get an orange room. If I dump water on every object in a home, the home itself is soaking wet.

Jeff: Right! And if every object in the Universe is dependent, the universe must be dependent too.

Dave: But, could there be some kind of machine at work? Put some dependent things together and they become independent?

Jeff: What happens if you put a baby, alone, in a forest. Very needy. If you put 1,000 babies in a forest together – are they any less needy? STILL DEPENDENT!

Dave: Our universe is dependent on something outside itself, to keep existing.

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