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Is our Universe infinite? Not so fast!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Has the Universe always existed?

Jeff: Aside from all the scientific data to show our Universe had a beginning, simple logic should show our Universe did have a beginning.

Dave: To be plain: time cannot go into the past forever. Just can’t happen.

Jeff: If there was an infinite amount of time between now and the day you got married, when would you get married Dave?

Dave: Well, if it was infinitely far away… I’d never get married!

Jeff: Exactly.

Dave: This is sad.

Jeff: It’s for a good cause. With an infinite amount of time between two points you can never get to the second point.

Dave: If the universe was infinitely old, how long would it take us to get to the year we are in RIGHT NOW?

Jeff: Well, the same as your wedding… it would still be infinitely far away!

Dave: If the universe was infinitely old, we couldn’t be at this point in time, because we’d still be infinitely far away.

Jeff: You just can’t get anywhere, if it will take you an infinite amount of time to get there. Our Universe HAD to have a beginning!

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