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Accepting Jesus into your heart changes how you perceive things around you!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jeff, someone who was converted, once told you a funny story.

Jeff: Yeah, they explained how before they were a Christian they would flip on the Christian radio station, hear the music, and …

Dave: Get bored?

Jeff: Yeah – they thought it was cheesy and awful music. But then they got saved, and after that whenever they would turn to the Christian radio station and hear those same songs, instead of being cynical all the sudden their hearts were soft, they would even well up with tears as the songs hit them!

Dave: This isn’t weird. If we don’t feel anything about God, if we have no experience of his love we are missing out!

Jeff: It is not enough to believe and feel nothing. THERE MUST BE MORE!!Being a MOM or DAD starts with having a child. But, there are always feelings connected to that reality.

Dave: Likewise, accepting Jesus means believing in him, and obeying him with feelings connected to that reality.

Jeff: CHRISTIANITY IS not merely intellectual assent. It’s a life that MOVES towards God and is MOVED by God.

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