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If the Gospels are written 30 years after Jesus, does that make them unreliable?

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Dave: One curious mind asked, “Why were the gospels written more than 30 years after Jesus’ crucifixion, by unknown authors?”

Jeff: To start, some of that information is wrong.

Dave: There are a lot of people who think the writings were 30 years after Jesus…

Jeff: But it’s also possible, even likely, that they began to be written as soon as 10 years after Jesus’ resurrection.

Dave: So, this information began to be written only decades after Jesus’ resurrection. And some elements, like 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 were created only 2-7 years later.

Jeff: Also, you must ask: why were they written 30 years later? Because the followers of Jesus were out sharing the news, it’s not as though 30 years laterthey finally decided to do something about it.

Dave: But we’re really missing the point here. 30 years is really good!

Jeff: Especially compared to other ancient documents. Plus, it was written by EYEWITNESSES, not professional biographers!

Dave: And these eyewitnesses were being persecuted for even mentioning these things, so they had NO INCENTIVE to make it up!

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