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Can our Universe support life elsewhere? and if so, how does that affect our faith?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: NASA keeps getting closer to finding a habitable planet, outside of our solar system.

Jeff: Indeed, we are getting closer. It may be just a matter of years or decades until we discover a place that could support some kind of limited life.

Dave: But, complex life, like intelligent animals or humans, are another story all together.

Jeff: Let’s assume we do find a completely habitable planet, though.

Dave: This is awesome. I’m moving. I’ll find a nice alien girl and…

Jeff: Can we focus?

Dave: Okay, assuming we’ve found such a planet, does that affect our belief in God?

Jeff: It would affect our belief in humanity’s uniqueness and epicness. But, we should probably point out that the Bible never says anything like, “There is no other place in the Universe with creatures I love.”

Dave: So, a habitable planet – or even one with other beings on it – could exist.

Jeff: Yeah, and it wouldn’t alter our view of God much, except to say, “Wow, he really likes to create life!”

Dave: But, we already knew that, didn’t we?

Jeff: Huh… So maybe it wouldn’t change anything.

Dave: Hmm… Who knew?

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