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What are the major views of the End Times?

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Dave: What are some of the different views of the end times?

Jeff: Partial Preterism suggests that most of Revelation and what we consider “the end times” has already occurred, including what many call the great tribulation. We are simply waiting for Jesus’ return, and we are in the millennial reign (the 1,000 is a figurative number).

Dave: Historic Premillennialism suggests that Jesus will return before the millenium but after the tribulation, when Christians are persecuted.

Jeff: For them, the millennium is a literal thousand year reign of Christ, on Earth.

Dave: Dispensational Premillennialism says that Jesus will return before the millennium – but Christ will come to rapture the Church before the tribulation.

Jeff: Then there is Amillennialism:

Dave: In this view, there is no earthly millennial reign of Christ.

Jeff: For them, the millennium is a symbol, which stands for Christ reigning through the lives of Christians. Jesus will return following the tribulation and at that time the rapture occurs.

Dave: Which is the right view?

Jeff: We shouldn’t consider end times beliefs (eschatology) as essential.

Dave: Let’s debate, but don’t divide.

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